Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Step By Step Guide to Choosing the Right Location For Your Business

Location. Location. Location. I'm sure we've all heard it before. The old adage is basically getting at that if you choose a good location you have a good amount of the equation solved. Eventually you may need to have an experienced and professional commercial contractor to handle any renovations but now were talking about finding the location. I stumbled upon a great article on NYDailyNews.com that I think gives a good guide. Some highlights are:
Set the Parameters 
The first step is to honestly assess two basic components of your business plan: 
- Who is your target customer? 
- How do you want this business to fit into your life? 
Collect the Necessary Data 
After developing a clear, detailed picture of your customer and setting boundaries based on your personal needs, the next step is to locate the specific communities that are right for your business.

Evaluate the Available Options 
Now that you've come up with a list of promising communities for your business, it's time to find out what is available. 

To read more about this in greater detail click here.

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