Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to Get a Home Repair Done When You Can't Afford One

We all have those times when money is tight and certain things have to wait until finances can get back in order. If you know you have repairs around the house that have been neglected because the money isn't there, all hope is not lost. US News recently reported about some ways you can get those repairs done when you aren't flush with cash. Here are some highlights:
1. "Apply for a loan. You may scoff at first, especially if your credit is shaky or you've already been turned down for a loan by your bank, but there are nonprofits out there that are designed to help low-income and middle-class homeowners"
 2. "Refinance. Specifically, with a Federal Housing Administration 203k refinance loan. These are loans in which the homeowner consolidates their existing mortgage and the cost of a home renovation project."
3. "See if you're eligible for a grant. Yes, free money. And, yes, good luck with that. But grants, even if they aren't plentiful, are out there."
 You can read more about these strategies here.

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