Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Target Reaching for Young Consumers with Downsized "Express" Option

The New York Times reports Target is taking a bet on smaller is better for attracting younger shoppers in urban areas. City life is marked by a fast paced tempo and it is understandable that maybe no other segment wants things as quickly as the young adults. I can relate because sometimes you need one or two things from a super store but navigating the store and waiting in line just seems more of an inconvenience than the relief the products would provide.
"The store will be about a fifth the size of Target’s smallest format stores to date, and would allow the company to open more locations in dense urban markets, like New York, where 100,000 square feet is hard to come by."
What do you think, is Target right to conform to the changing marketplace or are the young just lazy?
Read more about the story here.

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